Queen of Dancehall Spice says she has another hernia.

During Tuesday’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, the seemingly worried singer admitted the medical issue to her cast mates after they noticed a distressed expression on her face.

“I’m not well,” she said as she tried to put on a brave front. “I’m not doing good—I have another hernia. It’s bigger than the first time. I think this one is caused because they opened my chest and they didn’t sew me back so now I’m left with a big hole in my stomach.”

The God A Bless Me singer further said she does not anticipate a long life because of the recurring health issues.

“I feel like I’m gonna die early,” she said.

Her cast mates then tried to affirm her that she will be OK despite the many challenges.

As fate would have it, her daughter, Nicholatoy called her on WhatsApp video to show her a swollen eye. This, of course, sent Spice into a frenzy.

She then cut the meeting short, declaring that she felt like she was going to pass out and began putting things into place to take a flight to Jamaica.

The scene ended with Spice sobbing while kneeled and yelling, “Oh my, God! Everyday a something else! Oh my, God!”

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