Every Carnival there is bound to be bacchanal and on Thursday night it was Vincy versus Greenz on social media over the Soca song ‘Headways.

The song from St Vincent and the Grenadines has been making waves in Grenada which is preparing to celebrate Spicemas.

There is a remix out featuring Grenada’s Lavaman on the original song which was first made popular at Vincy Mas, giving Vincentian Esron ‘Spielberg’ Culzac third place in the 2023 road march race.

Vincy and Greenz were recently beefing on social media over who made the song more popular, who should get the most credit along with other topics. Either way, the discourse would have created a lot of buzz for both the original song and the remix. The picong has since simmered online.

During the Carnival season, Vincentians took the song to another level on their own diving headfirst into random areas, like bushes on the side of the road, into crowds, into water…just anything you could think of. Some of the stunts pulled were so jaw-dropping the Ministry of Health in St Vincent and the Grenadines issued safety tips urging Vincentians to be careful.

In Grenada, there was a Headways challenge issued with a cash reward for the best video.

Lavaman in an interview with MTV News Grenada said the challenge has a disclaimer on it warning persons to be cautious.

A man was recently filmed in Grenada climbing up a tree and hanging upside down from tree vines to Headways and had to be called down.

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